Football Trophy Font

21 of football's finest trophies in font format. And they're free. Fuck yeah.

The Collection

21 of football's most coveted trophies handcrafted in to a super lightweight and flexible font format. Because they're fonts, you can easily change their colour or add backgrounds, gradients and all that jazz using some css. They'll also scale effortlessly to any resolution... these babies will still look good even if you were to blow them up and print them out on a full size football pitch.

Hover over a trophy to (a) get the name of it (b) see some completely unnecessary hipster css effects to demonstrate what can be done with the font.

Download on Github

How to use it

Download the fonts & css file on github, import in to your project and start calling whatever trophy takes your fancy. Use a web inspector to inspect the class name of each trophy on this website...

Requests / Support

Want us to add a new trophy add? Github that shit man.

Want to report a bug? Github that shit.

You get the message... if it's on github, we'll see it and respond to it. If it's not on github, we'll probably just sweep it under the carpet.

Owner / Rights

This font was created by Sean MacEntee for 25/7 Sports (who operate football prediction competitions). We decided to open source it because we're nice people. Use and abuse this font as you see fit. You have our permission. Modify it. Smoke it. Inject yourself with it. We don't care, but if you choose to use it somewhere it would be nice (for curiosity sake), to see where it's being used so feel free to tweet us or leave us a message on facebook and we may even link to your site on this page to show examples of the font in action.

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Version History

7th November 2013 - Icons launched to the world. Version name: 'Gimme'.

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